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Chef Ying

Owner & Executive Chef

I left my professional career as a CPA to follow my dream, cooking for others’ enjoyment. My passion developed over time as I read, studied and practiced my craft. I began catering throughout the DFW Metroplex in 2008. I focused on international cuisine; all made by hand using the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices available. Menus were always customer-driven and designed to not only meet their needs, but to exceed their expectations in both quality and creativity. Following several years of catering I opened Next Bistro as my restaurant. Each year Next has evolved and has grown through my continued efforts to provide cuisine that my guests will enjoy now and as they return to try ‘what’s next’ at Next Bistro. The evolution continues.

About Next Bistro

Next Bistro is privately owned and operated and was recognized with a DiRoNA (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) beginning in 2019. Next has grown out of a passion for creating dishes that will not only be enjoyed during dining, but will be memorable for my guests and make them anxious for their ‘Next’ visit. Next Bistro is unlike many other fine dining establishments as we offer a rather large menu with every dish receiving the same care and attention as our house specialties. We live by our motto to ‘Do Our Best to Do Our Best’. Rewards and recognition are important, but nothing surpasses the joy I feel when a guest reaches out to say ‘thank you’ for the experience that they just enjoyed.